What is your Obi-Wanism?

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We’ve all seen a movie or read a book that shows us the universal story of challenge and the many fears and self-doubts they bring.  Those same stories probably show the primary characters facing … [Read More...]

Applying the Heroic Journey to Healing From Sexual Trauma

The heroic journey was made famous by mythologist Joseph Campbell and even won Emmy Award for his series on PBS about the topic, but the heroic framework has been around since humankind. Found in … [Read More...]

Susan Gabriel: One Writer’s Heroic Journey

    Susan Gabriel is an award-winning author of a seven novels and a Kirkus Best Book Award 2012. In the month of August, The Heroic Journal takes a look at her personal heroic … [Read More...]

The Gift of the Story: Learning Resilience Through Movies and Books

  In the United States alone, the publishing industry sells over $29.5 billion books yearly. The motion picture industry has grossed over a half-a-trillion dollars in U.S. history alone and … [Read More...]

Doorway of Life

Today you probably walked through many doors…whether it was on the way to take a shower, leaving the house, stepping into your vehicle, or entering your place of work or school (or more). For a … [Read More...]

Blueprint for Resilience

Humans, as well as animals, are born with a blueprint for resilience. We are born with a predisposition to survive in order to keep the species thriving. Part of the program is to enable an organism … [Read More...]

Bravery Is In the Eye of the Beholder

This morning I was felt inspired. I read a blog post by the wise young soul Hannah Brencher who wrote about the anatomy of brave. You don’t actually get to stand beside someone and tell them … [Read More...]

Random Acts

1. prepare a meal for a homeless person, give packs of cheese & crackers or a meal card at a fast food restaurant 2. smile :) at someone 3. call your mother to tell her you love her 4. write a … [Read More...]

From Homeless Street Performer to Business Owner

Guy Laliberte once seemed to be an unlikely success by traditional standards. In 1977, the then eighteen year old Canadian, hitchhiked across Europe making enough money to live by being a street … [Read More...]

Team Building Isn’t For Everyone

Team building … It’s not for everyone Team building experiences are savored by some; dreaded by others. Attempting a challenge, big or small, can be exhilarating, satisfying and scary, all at once. … [Read More...]

Crossing the Finish Line

A little over five years ago, then 37 year old Robert Fitts suffered a massive stroke. His world change irrevocably and in ways which no one could predict and yet there have been constants: faith, … [Read More...]

The Gift of Resilience: A Parent’s Great Legacy

The holidays are complete for another year, yet I continue to reflect on the gifts received and one of my favorites is one that I have opened daily the last 55+ years. The gift given to me by my Dad … [Read More...]

Wilma Jensen – The Passionate Disciple

From the moment she arrived on the bench, the diminutive octogenarian was in complete command of the instrument. As a way to celebrate her 80th birthday, world-renowned organist, educator, composer, … [Read More...]

Tao of the Road Warrior – There is No Place Like Home (Revised)

© November 29, 2005/ Revised November 2013 – Melissa (Missy) Bradley-Ball. The last teaching tour of the year is upon me and with it the approaching holidays. With Christmas trees in every corner and … [Read More...]

The Gift of Our Mirror: Threshold Guardian

Here is an article from a previous The Heroic Journal May 2010 by guest writer, Terri Schanks. The Threshold Guardian is always a mirror for us, a mirror which speaks to us our greatest fears, and … [Read More...]