A Civilian’s Primer – Understanding the Combat Veteran’s Experience

A Few Thoughts About MYTH

About Avoidant Paruresis or Shy Bladder

Aging Parents – Helping When Health Fails

An Orientation to Imago Relationship Therapy

An Overview for Caregivers – The Child’s Loss – Death, Grief and Mourning

Archetypes in the Hero’s Journey

Assisting Children in the Aftermath of a Tragedy

Basic Developmental Stages to Remember

Bibliography 3 Stages of Healing from Trauma

Bibliography Heroic Journey 2008

Bipolar Disorder from NIMH

Bonding and Attachment in Children

Children of Veterans

Child Sex Play vs Abuse

Clinical Considerations for First Responders and Veterans

Combat Amnesia

Coping with the Death of A Coworker

Counseling Those Who Serve – Veterans, FR and Families

Crime Victim Compensation Fund Overview

Criminal Justice System Flowchart

Critical Differences Between Stranger and Acquaintance Rape

Critical Incident Stress

Definitions of the Three Stages of Sexual Trauma Healing

Dialoguing Reference Sheet for couples

Dialoguing Reference Sheet (adapted for a business setting)

Disaster Preparedness Resources – BradleyBall

Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book

Dissociation and the Fragmentary Nature of Trauma Memories

Do I Have Asperger Syndrome Brochure

Early Sexual Trauma Imprints – How the Yuck Factor Can Impact the Victim

Emergency Contact Card – American Red Cross

Emergency Information Form for Children With Special Needs

Example ONLY of Crime Victim Compensation Fund form

Family Communications Plan – for emergencies

Family Disaster Plan

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain – How Family Can Help

First Responders and Traumatic Events

Generic and Trade Names Reference Sheet

Guidelines – What Do Relatives Say and Do After the Vet Returns

Healing Vs Curing – Eat A Penguin

Helping the Helpers

Helping Young Children Cope With Trauma – American Red Cross

Homicide, Bereavement and the Criminal Justice System

Identifying Your Ideal

Identifying Your Ideal Worksheet

I hate you don’t leave me – BPDisorder


I’m Not A Professional – Suicide

Irlen Syndrome – Self Test Long Form

Judge Your Neighbor worksheet

Keeping Negotiations on Track – How to Address Defensive Behavior


LifeStory Process for Groups


Maternal Heartbeat

Mayo Foundation Scan of Depressed Brain

Movies Depicting Suicide

Music and the Brain

My Heroic Journey MAP 2011 BW

Non-Combat 12 step

One Belief Worksheet

Ordering Robert Grant materials

Parkinson’s Disease – Guide for Patients

Personal Meaning and Perspective – Self Examination

Plotting Heroic Journey Movie Worksheet

Plotting the People on My Heroic Journey worksheet

Postpartum Posttraumatic Stress

Pre-Traumatic Prenatal Experience

PTSD Sleep Research Update from NCPTSD

Pulmonary Fibrosis Information

Quick Reference of The Heroic Journey

Red Yellow Green – Traffic Light – SUDS

Reparing Your Flooded Home – FEMA

Report of the Special Investigative Counsel – Penn State

Resilience and the Body Our Blueprint for Resilience2015

SCASA Worksheet

Sexual Assault Among Male Veterans – 2005

Speaking Effectively with Parkinson’s

Stress Resilience and Neurobiological Factors


Survivors of Suicide Handbook

Tao of the Road Warrior – Dancing With the Sea

10 Stages of Acute Traumatic Stress Management

Terrorism – Preparing for the Unexpected – American Red Cross

The Assessment and Treatment of Complex PTSD

The Body Keeps The Score

The Bridge

The Healing Letter Exercise 2013

The Healing Exercise STEMS

The Heroes Journey – Life’s Great Adventure

The Drama Triangle

The Heroic Framework Diagram

The Limits of Talk – Transforming the Treatment of Trauma

The Military’s Sexual Assault Problems and Solutions – Doty_Fenlason

The Neurobiology of Fear

The Neurodevelopmental Impact of Violence in Childhood

The Partus Stress Factor – Postpartum Postraumatic Stress

The Survivor’s Club – Case Studies

The Therapist As A Healer


Transforming Betrayal Trauma

Trauma Assessment For Adults

Trauma Profile Worksheet

Trauma Tidbits from the Best Trauma Clinicians

Traumatic Attachment

Traumatic Memory and Neurodevelopment – Bruce D. Perry, MD

Trigger form

Understanding Our Life Traps – general public

Waking the Tiger Within To Heal Trauma from Accidents and Injuries

Wendy Maltz Hierarchy of Sexual Interaction

What the movie Finding Nemo has to teach us REVISED

Workplace Disaster and First Aid Kits List – American Red Cross