Nature’s Symphony – Tao of the Road Warrior

It is May 14, 2004 and my most recent travels have brought me to an extraordinary retreat center near Asheville, North Carolina.  It is 7am and I have three hours before I teach. With a steaming cup of coffee, I sit on the huge porch at the lodge, preparing for my day.  At my feet I have a book, two highlighters (a yellow and an orange one), my lessons and this journal. [Read more…]

Oklahoma City Memorial – Tao of the Road Warrior

During a week in June 2002, after making a personal and public commitment to be mindful and to “smell the roses,” my travels took me toward Oklahoma.  [Read more…]

One Moment At A Time

She looked to be only three or four and her disheveled ‘I’ve-been-traveling-all-day hair’ was held by a pink ribbon. A fuzzy jacket and leggings matched what held her ponytail, while her long black eye lashes rested on flawless cheeks as she slept peacefully. [more…] [Read more…]

Tao of the Road Warrior: Dancing With the Sea

During a transitional day between teaching tours, I found a nearby beach with hopes for physical and emotional renewal. I find nothing more relaxing than listening to the sounds of the shore. Hearing the waves crashing as they make their way to land and the feel of the wind massaging my body is a bounty for a weary road warrior [Read more…]

Tao of the Road Warrior – The Lesson of Fear

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway…

[Read more…]

Following Your Own Path

Sometimes the world has great opinions on how we should walk our paths, often for good reason.  I recently was having a conversation with someone who apologized to me for the decision she had made in her choices. You see she thought I might think her “stupid” for choosing the path she chose [Read more…]

Nature’s Symphony – Tao of the Road Warrior

Mindfulness brings us into the body, into the present moment. The practice – even after years – can be challenging as the “hamster wheel of the mind” goes into high gear. Nature is such a smorgasbord of sensory delight, being mindful is much easier. Journaling the experience afterwards also helps the immune system further. [Read more…]