A Parent’s Guide – Helping Children After Disaster

Bear Hunt – Traditional Story in Chant for A Heroic Journey


Books of Interest

Chartres Labyrinth

Comfort Zone – Blank

Crime Victim Compensation Fund – 3 Stages

Crime Victim Compensation Contacts

Developmental Strategies

Disaster Prepardness

Early Maladaptive Schemas or “Lifetraps” and Schema Domains

Early Sexual Trauma Imprints Evaluation Form

Elements of the Heroic Journey

Emerging Neurobiological Factors In Stress Resilience

Evaluation Form

Family Communications Plan

From Trigger to Empowerment Chart

Grief 101

Healing Letter

Heroic Journey Bibliography

Identifying the Ideal

I’m Not A Professional  – What Should I Do If I Suspect Someone is Suicidal?

Intimacy Committment

Life Story Technique

Plotting the People On My Journey

Plotting My Heroic Journey

Plotting Heroic Journeys of Movies and Stories

Predictable Sexual Abuse Flareups

Preparing Your Children for Their Heroic Journeys

Progression of Violent/Sexual Crimes

Psychological Consequences of Disaster

Reflections on “Reflections” – Part 1

Resilience and the Body – Our Blueprint for Resilience


Resources for Homicide, Suicide, Accidents & Terrorism

Seminars for Businesses and Corporations

Sexual Trauma Indicators

Sleep Apnea Research

SOAP Notes – Crisis Management

Stress Scale

Subjective Level of Woundedness – Clinician Worksheet

Suicide Prevention Month

Tao of the Road Warrior – Dancing with the Sea

The Armless Maiden

The Child’s Loss: Death, Grief and Mourning

The Hero’s Journey: Life’s Great Adventure – by Reg Harris

The Heroic Journey: Honoring Your Treasures After Loss of Property

The Heroic Journey of Divorce: and Transformation

The Heroic Journey of Steve Jobs

Tramatic Memory and Neurodevelopment

Treatment of Complicated Mourning

Trusting the Journey

Understanding the Combat Veteran’s Experience – A Civilian Primer

Unlimited Abundance – Workbook

Warning Signs of Vicarious Trauma

Way of the Warrior

Way of the Wound: A Spirituality of Trauma and Transformation and Crisis Management