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The following seminars can be brought to clinics and health care provider groups. For more information about any of the following seminars, please feel free to contact us.

  • Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization: How To Remain A Healthy and Effective Professional Caregiver
  • Counseling Those Who Serve: Working with First Responders, Veterans and Their Families
  • Critical Incident Stress Management: Dealing with Traumatic Events in the Office or Community
  • Decreasing the Risk for Suicide: Understanding the Suicidal Trance
  • Healing After Disaster
  • Identifying and Dealing with Dangerous People
  • * (NEW – October 2012)¬†Restoring LIfe After Sexual Trauma: Treating Adolescents, Adults and Couples
  • Talking With Children About Death
  • Team Building: Utilizing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator With Clients
  • The Impact of Trauma on Learning, Health and Relationships
  • The Psychology of Resilience: A Multi-Modal Approach to Thriving Using The Heroic Journey
  • The Transfiguration of Grief (and Complicated Mourning)
  • The Veteran and the Family: Three Stages of Healing
  • This is Your Life – Remembering and Developing Your Life Story
  • Three Stages of Healing: Counseling Victims of Sexual Trauma
  • Three Stages of Healing: Transforming All Types of Trauma
  • Using the Heroic Journey Framework with Children and Teens
  • When Homicide Hits A Family
  • When Suicide Hits A Family
  • Working With Traumatized Couples