The Heroic Journal is a once-a-month look at people and groups of people who have faced great challenges in life and have made it through those challenges resiliently and tell their inspiring story.  The newsletter also has resources in the form of movies, books, articles, recommended videos, poetry, quotes and art.  Please join us.  If you have a story to tell, pay it forward. You never know when your story may inspire someone else!  

The Heroic Journal – Volume 60 – November 2014

The Heroic Journal – Volume 59 – October 2014

The HJ looks at the issue of healing from Betrayal Trauma and the necessity of a community to assist in the healing.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 58 – September 2014

After the tragic death of Robin Williams, the HJ dedicates this issue to suicide and suicide prevention.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 57 – August 2014

THJ takes a look at healing from fear and anxiety.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 54 – May 2014

THJ looks at resources about the path in your life.

 The Heroic Journal – Volume 53 – April 2014

THJ dedicates this edition to Bravery and telling your story.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 52 – March 2014

THJ and the ponderings of spring.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 51 – February 2014

THJ focuses this edition on love, family, connection and belonging.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 50 – January 2014

THJ begins the year with letting go of the old, embracing the new journey and saying yes to life.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 49 – December 2013

The holiday of edition of THJ focuses on returning home for the holidays, grief and the holidays, looking at “Santa” and Peace on Earth.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 48 – November 2013

Gratitude, grief during the holidays, Veterans and more for this November edition of THJ.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 47 – October 2013

This month THJ reviews the new blockbuster movie, “Gravity” and how it looks at the Dark Night of the Soul; and The Gift of Our Mirrors: Threshold Guardians (Life Antagonists).

The Heroic Journal – Volume 46 – September 2013

THJ takes a look at pivotal journeys of real people, 9/11 and more.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 45 – August 2013

Jackie Robinson is the focus of this THJ with a look at the movie and discussion questions.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 43 – June & July 2013

What does Finding Nemo have to teach us about life?  THJ looks at many films that teach us about the journey.

The Heroic Journal –  Volume 42 – May 2013

Seeing through the eyes of love and the impact on life’s journey is the focus of this THJ.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 41 – April 2013

THJ features a story about three sisters and also a veteran returning “home” after twenty years.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 40 – March 2013

Resources galore and an addendum to a wonderful story featured in a couple of years ago.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 39 – February 2013

A wonderful edition of THJ with a story of the unconditional story of a woman and her dog and how they helped one another to heal.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 38 – January 2013 – Random Acts of Kindness

This issue takes a look at Random Acts of Kindness; When Children Give Society the Heroic Call (Sandy Hook Elementary) and more

The Heroic Journal – Volume 37 – December 2012 – Living A Resilient Life

This issue responds to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and more.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 36 – October/November 2012

We look at a life (and death) of a hero we wrote about a couple of years ago and his love to serve others.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 35 – August 2012 – How, Then, Shall We Live?

The Hearts of Cathy Cason Davis and the messages of the soul whispers.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 34 – The Community and the Journey

Yesterday’s losers are tomorrows winners. Another look at the courageous life of Dr. Kristina Diener 

Soul Whispers: Taking Five to Notice Life – July 2012

A special edition – Soul Whispers – a newsletter about mindfulness and metaphors in every day life.

Soul Whispers: Taking Five to Notice Life – Edition 1 

Finding the metaphors in YOUR life.  Learning from nature every day.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 33 – May/June 2012 – Midwives of the Heart

Midwives of the heart and unconditional love.  How an open heart changed the life of one person.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 32 – April 2012 – Living A Resilient Life

This edition looks at the heroic journey of cancer and sacred rituals which are essential in the conscious life.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 31 – March 2012 – Living A Resilient Life

How can we use a day like our birthday to create mindfulness and expansion? Learn about rituals that can be fun and keep us alive and growing. Also in this edition, a look at the gift of grief.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 30 – January 2012 – Living A Resilient Life

THJ focuses on Dr. David Roberts and his journey in the coming out process.  Also in this edition, a unique look at best friends and belonging – a true story of an unlikely friendship.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 29 – November/December 2011 – Living A Resilient Life

“Home for the Holidays” and pondering what is home exactly? The THJ also looks at the Spiritual Journey of Alan Cutter – Vietnam Vet, now clergy.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 28 – October 2011 – Living A Resilient Life

The heroic journey of Steve Jobs; a prayer for post relationship; and the heroic journey of successful companies after economic slump are all the focus in this month’s THJ.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 27 – September 2011 – The Wild Ride of the Journey

An eclectic edition of the THJ this month with a variety of topics: The Heroic Journey of Mental Illness; an art therapist looks at the Art of Injury; and the Awakening of Ten Years.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 26 – Summer 2011 – Living Your Resilient Life

This THJ has two essays from Tao of the Road Warrior – Life Lessons from the Road.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 25 – May 2011 – Tornados and Floods and Resilient Communities

The Heroic Journey of A Community.  A look at how the Nashville area community is bouncing back after a 1,000 year flood.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 24 – April 2011 – The King’s Speech

This issue of the journal looks at the real life journey of King George as told by one of our own Heroic Journey heroes – Jerry Dahmen who after suffering from a severe speech impediment went on to win International Media Awards and writing an inspiring book.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 23 – March 2011 – Cha…cha…cha…Changes….and Transformations

This issue is about the journey of divorce and renewal and honoring the sacred process of undoing wedding vows and releasing one another to move forward positively.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 22 – January/February 2010 – Living Your Resilient Life

Heroes, Music and Tunica.This edition looks and the life and gifts of Connye Florance and her heroic journey.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 21 – October 2010 – Living Your Resilient Life

This edition takes a humorous, yet important, look at What the Movie, Finding Nemo has to teach us about the Belly of the Whale and Dark Night of the Soul Times in Life. More information about the darkest and most pivotal times in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 20 – September 2010 – Living Your Resilient Life

A beautiful story of a courageous mother and her one year old son is the focus of this THJ.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 19 – August 2010 – Living Your Resilient Life

This edition takes a close look at “The Call” we get when our next life journey is beginning with “Is the Red Phone Ringing in Your Life?” The Journal also takes a look at many unique calls, including that of (then) 13 year old Colin Wagner.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 18 – June/July 2010 – Living Your Resilient Life

This edition looks at the difference between curing vs healing with an article by Terri Schanks and an interview with Brian Mc Alister, author of an excellent book on Full Recovery and motivational speaker.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 17 – May 2010 – Living Your Resilient Life

This edition takes a look at a resilient community – Nashville, TN – after historic floods caused billions of dollars of damage, but did nothing to dampen the spirit of a heroic community. Also, we take a look at the role of the “threshold guardian” in our journeys. And finally, a look at the founder of Cirque de Soliel – From Homeless to Billionaire.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 16 – April 2010 

This edition of The Heroic Journal features a special edition about “saying yes to life.” How have you said “yes” today? For every no, there is a yes. A time of reflection, opportunities and growth.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 15 – February/March 2010 

This edition looks at the transformative experiences of the lives of Jim Williams (“Call Me Jim”) and J.D. Hollis after drunk driving incidences took the lives of Williams’ son and Hollis’ best friend. Two separate incidences, two journeys. See how their lives and those around them were changed. Now they have lives of service to others, making the world a better place for those they help.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 14 – January 2010

This edition of The Heroic Journal features two mental health professionals and their personal struggles to resilience.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 13 – December 2009 

This edition of The Heroic Journal interviews a 90-year old man who is still living a resilient life as he continues participating in a competetive sport. Also included is what does it mean to be “home” for the holidays.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 12 – November 2009 – Special Edition Veterans

This month’s newsletter is focused on the Heroic Journey of the veterans and combat veteran’s everywhere. Included in this edition are two interviews: a Vietnam veteran who now gives his time to help others return from combat and a child warrior in a war-torn part of Africa. Also included, national resources for veterans.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 10 – September 2009

This month, we look at the life challenge of a successful stockbroker, the father of twins, after he experienced a debilitating stroke. His journey of healing is inspiring and uplifting.
Also, one year after the global financial crisis, a look at resilience, and a reminder from others, that companies and individuals can get through, and even thrive after, professional and financial crisis.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 9 – August 2009 

This month’s newsletter focuses on another type of heroic journey: the journey from victim to thriver after childhood trauma.
Statistics indicate that 20-30% of all people, male and female, may experience a violation much like is described in this edition today. This type of trauma knows no cultural, socio-economic, educational boundaries.
Mary E. Schocke’s story is one that shows one of several ways people get through difficult life events and Schocke shows that people can and do heal from those events. Mary is a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Middle Tennessee area.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 8 – July 2009 

Eighty year old Dr. Wilma Jensen thought her life and career was over, when a health issue forced her into retirement, the selling of her home, moving into a care facility and a life she didn’t recognize. At 80, she is now touring the world, leading Master Classes at some of the world’s finest music schools.

Dave Barr, Vietnam veteran, author of two books, Guinness Book of World Records holder and double-amputee, did not let his “disability” stop him. Read about his unique round-the-world adventure and more.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 7 – June 2009 

Bernie Goggins was a successful business owner simply mowing his grass one day. His life changed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. See how Bernie got through the recovery and the gifts he developed along the way.
Jeanne Moses, a community activist, was diagnosed with cancer in multiple organs. See what continues to help her laugh and love as she LIVES with cancer.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 6 – May 2009

Professor Henry Smiley died one night after a fall. He tells, in his own words, what he has learned in the years since he was revived.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 5 – April 2009 

Internationally acclaimed broadcaster and author, did not have the natural gift of speech. As an extremely shy young boy, with a serious speech impediment, Jerry Dahmen took matters in his own hands and found ways to transcend his challenges and say “yes!” to life.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 4 – March 2009 

Three articles are featured in this THJ – Nature’s Symphony, a mindfulness story and Recovery As A Heroic Journey by Veteran and Counselor, J.C. Smith; and “My Father’s Things” a look at loss and the symbols of a life.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 3 – February 2009 (2/15/2009)

An overview of parts of the heroic journey and teaching our children how to be resilient is the focus of this THJ.

The Heroic Journal – Volume 2 – January 2009 (1/20/2009)

This edition of THJ provides more of an overview of learning the heroic journey and utilizing every day life to symbolize the journey.

Introduction to The Heroic Journey Journal (12/24/2008)

Welcome to The Heroic Journal – a look at how we are born into resilience.